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  • Find your staycation destinations with Nomadi!

    4 Aug 2020

    Go Local! 

    Local tourism is trendy now. The leading ICT online news in Finland recognised our themed maps for the diverse audience.

    In the article the Unesco’s World Heritage in an old port town was highlighted

    Read the article here

    Aurajoki Pilgrimage in Helena’s and Pietari’s footsteps!

    Aurajoki river in Turku has some great settings for the pilgrimage in the medieval spirit. You can make Nomadi’s Helenan polku pilgrim route by walking or cycling. Start your trip from the pink seashell POI and on each stop you can listen or read about the medieval Turku and get to know Helena’s story.

    If you want to combine kayaking and pilgrimage, search ‘Pietarin’ from the Nomadi app. You can rent a kayak for part of the route if you have some earlier experience with kayaking. Start your trip from the Turku Cathedral, that is marked with dark pink POI, and listen what Pietari has to tell you along the way.

    Aurajoki rajattu 3.8

    Sail like in the old times with Tarjanne steam boat!

    The recently published Nomadi route Tampere – Virrat will be your guide on the over hundred years old steam boat cruise. Nomadi will give you a sign on each point of interest and tell legends and true stories behind them. Enjoy the stunning views of this 120 kilometers long lake cruise.

    Check the schedules on


    Find the sacred places of Salla!

    The new Salla route of the Nomadi app brings you to the old hunting lands, and the sacred places of Sami people. Search ‘Kuolajärvi’ and download the route on your device for offline use. As the distances between the points of interests are quite long, you can check some tips from the POIs, how to get there by car.

    Salla Kuolajärvi

  • Refresh yourself on waters!


    Follow the silver water line with Nomadi now!

    Hopealinja Cruising’s summer season is well underway! You can now enjoy the views of Tampere – Hämeenlinna route together with Nomadi. There will be few stops to the land, but Nomadi will be your guide while sailing.



    Awesome news for foodies!

    Perfect summer consists of relaxed mood and fresh products, grown under the Finnish midnight sun. Landsbygdens Folk newspaper has recently published a news article about Nomadi’s Route of Flavours. The route has almost 30 places to buy goodies for the summer table at the Finnish archipelago. You will find it by searching ‘smakrutt’ from Nomadi.

    Read more



    Brand new archipelago route for the summer cycling!

    Three archipelago municipalities Kustavi, Taivassalo and Brändö have created together a 90 kilometers long route in the Nomadi app, that goes through their islands. Along the way you have plenty of options where to visit and to stay overnight.

    By cycling you will get the best out of this Saaristoreitti route in the midsummer light.



    Paddle from Juva to Sulkava along the Squirrel Route!

    Now is the best time to have a water trail experience in the lake Finland. Nomadi’s Squirrel Canoeing Route is suitable for families, and you have nothing to worry about, as you know exactly the way and your location.

    The latest article of Matka-Suomi has some more interesting facts to tell about this route and area!




    Water tourism is pop!

    The Citynomadi concept as a guide in water tourism has been taken into account in the past as well.

    Read the The final report of the Archipelago Affairs Advisory Board and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of the Good products and operating models of the coastal and waterway tourism. Introduction of Citynomadi is on the page 132.

    Finnish Water Tourism Report

  • Summer adventures with Nomadi!

    Great news for sweet teeth!

    Fazer Experience Centre has re-opened now! Along with the opening season there is now Fazer Experience Yard Game, for all who like to challenge themselves in a fun way. Head to Vantaa, search ‘Fazer’ from your Nomadi app and let the game begin!

    – Great moments at Fazer –

    Read more about the Yard Game and other Fazer novelties!

    Screenshot 2020-06-04 at 11.08.35

    Follow the silver water line with Nomadi now!

    Hopealinja Cruising has started the summer season! You can now enjoy the views of Tampere – Hämeenlinna route together with Nomadi. There will be few stops to the land, but Nomadi will be your guide while sailing.


    This year’s Open Villages event is on the web!

    The purpose of the Open Villages event is to introduce villages as a good place to live and to get acquainted with the way of life in villages. This year the event will be held digitally, which means that the villages will be presented on the Nomadi app. Save the date 13.6!

    Open Villages


  • Back in time on the map! May 5th 2020

    Calendar for detailed statistics!

    Good news for the route makers! If you want to know the number of route visitors, over a certain period of time, you can now select it from the calendar in WebTuner.

    What is a Time Machine?

    Finnish Time Machine ambassador Juha Henriksson shows in this video what is this thing all about, and how broad an international network it has. The aim is not only to digitize the important cultural heritage, but also bring it out in an interesting way.  Also, the knowledge and experiences of the past helps in creating future infrastructures.

    Citynomadi will make its own part in this Europe wide project.

    Watch the video here


    Art for the waters in Ähtäri!

    In the old times water has always been the condition for the human settlement. The Water Trail route in the Nomadi app honours The first inhabitants of the city of Ähtäri with the sculptures along the way. You can visit the route by foot, or by bicycle.

    Ähtäri veden polku

  • Maps keep up to date!

    Coronamap New 030420

    ​​​Open data for COVID-19 map

    To illustrate the spreading and emerging situation for the Corona-virus, we integrated the open data available on the global maps.

    Originally there were two data sets compared: confirmed and active cases on one hand and and recovered and unfortunate death cases on the other. The data will be updating on a daily basis, and it gives a good view to compare the cases between areas.

    The data source of John Hopkins after the 27th March no longer included the recovered numbers because of difficulty acquiring reliable info. Therefore the numbers after that were estimated based on data from Hubei China.

    We also erased the other layer of recovered vs. death cases, and the coronavirus map is clearer to interpret now. Some of the points of interest have been combined, e.g. the US situation is visualized in one bubble entity.

    For the details, please have a look at the Info of the map.

    How to get introduced to the map?


    and click open any of the bubble for the detailed information.

    How does the timeline develop?

    The exponential curves can be found in each of the country one by one. After two months, the active and confirmed cases have flatten in Hubei, China, which had been the starting point of the epidemic. The epidemic wave had reached its peak. Some countries, like Finland, follow a bit late, but the disinfectant curve seems to be alike.

    The colors of the curves relate to the bubble on the map. If you want to check out the timeline of the confirmed cases, just follow the red timeline.

    Open data on COVID19 map

    The global data combined by the John Hopkins University from medical hubs around the world and published by GitHub data repository for further use.

    The data will updated on a daily basis, and the exact numbers of cases may be a day behind from the national authorities announcements.

    Data from COVID-19

    Coronavirus comparison on map

    ​​​​​The coronavirus situation is evolving at different pace in different countries, and to illustrate this variation in the country-by- country perspective, the figures can now be compared in relatively different order of magnitude.

    By comparing the data, the information brought to the map gives a quick picture of the situation and illustrates the progression of the COVID-19 virus and its impact on the population.

    Citynomadi is  now a Climate Sponsor!

    Naturally the globe and nature are close to our hearts. Now there are 50 trees planted in Central Finland, sponsored by Citynomadi. You can also help your own way.


    Teach and learn with Nomadi!

    During these distance learning times, some teachers have asked for tips on activating students to exercise and studying subjects in a creative way. We have made an ABC for teachers, to use the Nomadi app with their pupils. If you are interested in having one, just ask us!

  • Technology keeps going and growing! 10.3

    Citynomadi proudly presents our brand new website!

    We have published our renewed and fresh website, so take a visit right away!

    CN päivityskuva 2020

    Travel Technology Europe!

    27th of March, in London at the Innovation 20 : 20 was the Citynomadi’s tourism and travel interactive paths’ talk. Great honour to be selected as one of the forecasting travel technology company.

    #tte20 #Olympia #London #MobileMassage #tourism #traveltech #SplittyTravel #RoadTravel #Sideway6 #Guesty #BusinessTravelWire

    Travel Tech 2020 Merja

    Festival planning in Seinäjoki!

    Citynomadi’s event map will serve the Tango Festival visitors in July. On the kick off day Innofest from Netherlands gave a good insight about how great test environments the festivals really are for the new innovations.

    Good planning and information is also a matter of safety. The map will show first aid points among the events and services.

    #IntoSeinäjoki #InnoFest #Tangofestivals #Tangomarkkinat

    Seinäjoen festarisuunnittelu

  • New winds for this year! 17.2

    BusinessFinland in Dubai!

    Want to know and see how even a small country can make it big? Visit Dubai Expo 2020 and meet the Finnish innovative organisations at the Snow Cape pavilion! Citynomadi is one of them.

    Read more

    Beethoven for you!

    This year Beethoven’s 250 year anniversary is selebrated in many festive events.

    Haus der Musik Museum in Vienna introduces you the remarkable places of Beethoven’s life in the city on the Nomadi map. See how it looks like from their Instagram story, and search HdM Beethoven route from Nomadi app!

    Read more


    Awesome day at the Matka2020!

    It was really wonderful to see our growing group of Nomadi cities and villages at the Matka2020 Fair! Looking forward to next year!

    #VisitLahti #VisitJyväskylä #Vantaa #VisitParainen #Iniö #Turku #VisitOulu #VisitNaantali #LaplandVillageStories #EasternLapland #VisitRovaniemi #Kemijärvi #Salla #VisitRauma #Matka2020 #Finland #Nomadi


  • Route novelties! 9.12.


    Go to the Cultural Biking route in Kangasala!

    The new Nomadi route is published in Kangasala, and everyone is  welcome there to ride a bike. The route has an automatic audioguide, so you can easily keep going and listen to the stories about your surroundings at the same time.


    Now there is a new route in Lapland!

    Santa’s Hotel Aurora Luosto offers a route with stunning views, but also gives you some tips about nature’s gifts. There are also some reindeers, that might come to say hi. Search ‘Luosto’ from the Nomadi app!


    Join the Seven Brothers!

    There is a new hiking trail in Nomadi, that is passing through the places where the national author of Finland, Aleksis Kivi lived and worked. Along the route there are also stories about Kivi and fragments of his production.

    Read some more here!

    Oulu of Kalle Päätalo!

    On November 11th, was the 100th anniversary since the birth of the Finnish novelist, Kalle Päätalo.

    The new Nomadi route will take you to the twelve destinations, featured in Kalle Päätalo’s Iijoki series.

    Read more from the Kaleva’s news article!

  • October 15.10

    Navigating in the hospital area is easy now!

    Now you can get familiar with the renewed hospital area of TAYS. The interactive map will help you with that.

    Just type on your browser – preferably on your mobile to locate yourself.

    On the Tampere Day the new hospital building was introduced to the audience to celebrate the 240th Day of Tampere!

    Here is the map

    Tays muok

    Citynomadi in Smart Tampere!

    Tampere city center has installed interactive info kiosks for inhabitants and tourists. The content and functionality of the info screens were developed together with various companies, and Citynomadi is one of them. Read some more from the Smart Tampere newsletter!

    Smart Tampere

    Citynomadi In WDBE 2019 

    World Summit on Digital Built Environment was held in Helsinki on the 24th and 25th of September.  Citynomadi was presenting the IoT air quality visualisation concept in the Digital lifecycle slot on Wednesday.

    Read more!

    Oulun IoT



  • Autumn!


    Citynomadi is nominated for the Best Digital Influencer Campaign!

    The Second shortlist is unveiled for International Travel & Tourism Awards 2019 and Citynomadi is on it. You will find us under the Best Digital Influencer Campaign list, with the name ‘Archipelago Guide For An Accidental Traveller by Citynomadi Ltd’ You can see the full list below.

    WTM Shortlist

    #WTM2019 #Travel&TourismAwards2019 #shortlist #BestDigitalInfluencerCampaign #Iniö #ArchipelagoGuide #Nomadi

    My stay 

    Citynomadi in My Stay!

    Now you will find Nomadi destinations from VisitFinland’s My Stay site. Guest Harbour and Restaurant Bruddalsviken of the Iniö archipelago presents its services, and Nomadi’s Iniö map guides you there and to the island’s  other destinations.

    My Stay Iniö

    Finland’s National Shrine nowadays!

    The column of the Helsingin Sanomat newspaper was reflecting the relations between churches and technology. Besides spirituality, churches have also a big architectural and historical value.

    With Nomadi’s Turku Cathedral route you will get the gems of  Finnish culture and historical phases.

    Read the whole article here